There is always a new and innovative way to market your event. Ish Ali can develop ideas into marketing solutions.

Ish has always worked closely alongside high profile national media to develop press campaigns in print, radio and television, and can take your event to the next level by bringing influential market leaders on board.

With a vast array of marketing tools including an established leaflet and poster distribution network, access to targeted direct mailing and email lists, and excellent relationships with media sales departments, Ish has the means to make your event a huge success.

Ish Ali has been arranging sponsorship for events throughout his career, and has thus worked with many leading brands and sponsorship agencies to develop new and innovative sponsorship solutions.

Sponsorship opportunities relevant to the client’s event will be defined, and sponsors appropriate to the contractors needs will be secured. Packages will be tailor made for each sponsor and event. Fees will be agreed and the sponsors contracted to the event. Liaison will be provided between the client and the sponsor to ensure the needs of both parties are satisfied.

Sponsorship opportunities can include strategic product placements, demonstrations, key tie-ins, banners, on screen advertisements, promotional giveaways, on site media coverage, and a wide range of other possibilities.

Some Major Sponsorship partners sourced for past events include:

BBC Radio 1


Carlsberg Tetley


Head and Shoulders






Sony Playstation

West Cigarettes

Benson & Hedges




Virgin Energy



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